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Building up a great reputation in bringing them down

Pulling down structures is twice as hard as putting them up. Demolition experts have to consider several factors before bringing down a structure – the area where it is located, the building materials used, safety of people involved in the demolition, ways to dispose of the debris, various risks, inconveniences, collateral damages and more. “Demolitions may look like a thrilling job but it’s a dangerous business,” says Jigar Chedda, Partner, Edifice Engineering. “Who dares may win – but only with fool-proof planning, solid preparation, clearly laid-down process and flawless execution.”

An ISO 45001 Certified Company based out of Mumbai, Edifice Engineering is India’s largest demolition contractor. “Name any demolition job and we would have probably done it,” says Uttkarsh Mehta, Partner. “Our operations are text-book really - fast, quiet, precise, and to total satisfaction of our customers.” In business for over a decade, Edifice Engineering has successfully undertaken a wide range of demolitions for a variety of customers – from builders, developers and infrastructure companies to government and semi-government organizations.

Right up there in tearing down

Assisting the Company in its daily operations is a full range of Volvo Excavators. They range from 14 ton right up to 70 ton capacities and include EC 140BLC, EC 210B Prime, EC 210BLC, EC 290BLC, EC 300D, EC 360BLC, EC 380D, EC 460BLC, EC 700B and EC 700CLC Models along with 26m triple demolition booms and hydraulic crushers. The machines are hard at work taking down structures at different locations across the country – from closed-down plants and worn-out factories to illegal buildings, shaky bridges and dilapidated constructions. “The great thing with Volvo is you get all that you look for in a demolition equipment – reach, power, control, safety, operator comfort and cost efficiency,” says Jigar Chedda. According to him, the reach and stability of Volvo excavators in particular, make them the perfect choice for high-reach demolitions.

Uttkarsh Mehta is highly impressed with the reliability and fuel efficiency of Volvo machines. “Just think – these machines pull down massive structures, day in day out, consuming 20% less fuel and with minimal breakdowns. It makes them the most suitable machines for demolition jobs – where margins are always under pressure,” he says. He believes the robust under-carriage system and hydraulics advantage of Volvo excavators ensure total control at every stage of operations.

All it takes to demolish

Both partners agree the low vibration, even lower noise pollution and cab comfort features of the Volvo line are definite plus points. “For sure, our operators find it thrilling to work in a Volvo. They find it really cool,” says Jigar Chedda. The partners are also pleased with services provided by the pan-India Volvo CE dealer network led by local Volvo CE dealer, DRS Earthwork Pvt Ltd. “We have always found them to be prompt, efficient, smart and professional,” says Uttkarsh Mehta. “The icing on the cake is we find their spares and other consumables pricing at least 15% lower.”

Edifice Engineering has come a long way ahead in demolitions since its inception. It has emerged the go-to Company for all kinds of jobs - from floor sawing, pile breaking and concrete bursting to splitting, crushing, trenching and more. Among the notable jobs executed by the Company in recent times is the prestigious Mahatma Gandhi Setu across the river Ganges on the Patna-Hajipur stretch of National 22 and National Highway 31. With infrastructure, particularly urban infrastructure, set to boom in a big way across India, the prospects for Edifice Engineering have never been brighter. Immediate plans include an upgrade of the existing fleet in the mid- and top range. “Demand is building up in 45-metre height demolition front. Also in 30-ton class excavator, there is plenty of scope to add more to our fleet,” says Uttkarsh Mehta. “Of course, we will look no further than Volvo.” Jigar Chedda has the last word. “Yes, no scope for any other brand but Volvo.”

Edifice Engineering and VolvoCE – One-brand Demolition Squad

Volvo Excavators are the preferred choice of Mumbai-based Edifice Engineering for all kinds of demolition jobs across India