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Bigger the challenge, better the performance

From any angle, Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project looks nothing short of an engineering marvel. Billed as the world’s largest, the Project addresses critical water needs across Telangana State, lifting waters of the mighty Godavari River to lakhs of acres of fertile lands upstream, thousands of homes, and scores of industries. “We are talking about hundreds of kilometers of Gravity Canals and Water Tunnels connecting reservoirs, barrages, and pump houses at incredible heights - up to 600 meters,” says P Anil Kumar, CEO, Prathima Infrastructure Limited. “It doesn’t get bigger than this - in scope or scale - anywhere in the world.” In terms of capacities, Kaleshwaram Project will irrigate 45 lakh acres for two crops a year and meet 70 percent of the State’s drinking water needs. “It’s a game-changer for the socio-economic profile of Telangana,” says Anil Kumar. “This dream project is a brainchild of the State Leadership. We feel proud and privileged to be associated with it.”

Reliable and profitable at every level
Assisting Prathima Infrastructure Limited in project operations is a fleet of Volvo Construction Equipment. It includes EC480, EC300, and EC210D excavators – numbering twenty-five in all. They are hard at work – undertaking mass excavations, tearing through the hard earth, removing every obstacle in the way. “A large majority of our Volvos have been operating for over 15,000 hours – without any major problem,” says Anil Kumar. “That’s a phenomenal performance, especially when you factor in the conditions, we operate in.”

According to him, Volvo excavators are nothing short of engineering marvels – highly specialized, technology-driven machines, most reliable and safe, and surprisingly easy to operate. He believes all Volvo machines come with an assurance of long life and complete efficiency in operations. “Contrary to perception, a Volvo delivers more for less,” says Anil Kumar. He points out his Volvo excavators consume far less fuel per operating hour compared to other machines, with no compromise on outputs. “Even if you take a conservative 2 litres per hour per machine and do the math – the savings are huge,” he says. “And when you add up lower breakdowns and longer uptimes – it is money in the bank!”

Always an asset you can trust
For aftermarket support, Prathima Infrastructure relies on the services of local Volvo CE dealer, Ramanand Power Systems Pvt Ltd. They have their network in place to ensure spares and maintenance when required by the Company. “These people are special – they go out of the way to keep our Volvos running for as long as possible,” says Anil Kumar. “They also keep in regular touch with our operators, updating them with tips to improve machine performance.”

Over the years, Prathima Infrastructure Limited has built a formidable reputation in infrastructure development, especially in the States of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Apart from Kaleshwaram, the Company is a key player in several other irrigation projects and road works in the region. The Company prides itself on undertaking challenging projects and delivering them on time, to complete satisfaction. But Anil Kumar is not one to rest on past laurels. He believes it is always the next job that counts. “Every day is an opportunity for us to test our mettle, scale a new high, do something we haven’t done before,” he says. “We remain ever ready to meet fresh challenges. Bigger the challenge, the better the performance – that’s our promise. We have the spirit, the team and above all, we have Volvo.” He signs off with a smile. 

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A full range of Volvo Excavators is doing an excellent job for Prathima Infrastructure Limited at the Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project.