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Always, expect the best and get it

Ask anyone the reason why he or she loves a road trip and you will get several. Ask them all why they hate road trips and you will get one – potholes. Driving on pothole-ridden roads not only causes severe damage to vehicles; it is an absolute nightmare for drivers, passengers and pedestrians. “That’s why proper compaction in road construction is so important,” says Paidala Tirupati Reddy, Proprietor, PTR Brothers and Co. “Road Builders need to use the right equipments and methods to ensure smooth and stable road surfaces – so that drivers feel safe and vehicles remain in top condition.”

Best ever partners in road building

Based out of Kurnool District in Andhra Pradesh, PTR Brothers and Co. is a well-established road contractor with decades of experience in executing National and State Highway projects across the State. “We have a proven track record in the business – both in terms of quality and timely delivery,” says Reddy. Assisting PTR Brothers and Co. in daily operations is a fleet of Volvo Road Equipments. It includes five DD 100 Asphalt Compactors and two SD 110 Soil Compactors. They have been hard at work for years now across projects throughout the State. “To achieve precise compaction – day in day out, project after project – is never easy. You need Volvo to achieve that,” says Reddy.

According to him, Volvo Soil & Asphalt Compactors are designed specifically for Indian conditions. He believes the machines are a unique combination of durability, versatility, efficiency and stability. Which is why, he maintains, they are able to deliver high volume of compaction of superior quality with fewer passes. He is particularly upbeat on fuel efficiency and machine uptimes. “The real magic of using Volvo road equipment is that you get all the productivity you want with minimal fuel consumption. And fewer breakdowns along with low wear and tear means Volvo is the brand to beat when it comes to world-class, profitable road building,” he says. In fact, PTR Brothers make it a point to emphasize their use of Volvo road equipments to all customers – underscoring the pride, respect and value they attach to the brand.

Trust that endures forever

Reddy is appreciative of the spares & service support provided by local VolvoCE dealer, Ramanand Power Systems Ltd. “We find them remarkable,” he says. “They ensure ready spares on a call’s notice. And when it comes to maintenance, their service engineers are second to none in the business!”

Over the past two decades, PTR Brothers & Co. has taken giant strides forward in road construction. The Company is now firmly established as one of the pre-eminent road builders in the area, having executed scores of challenging National & State Highway projects in record time. Reddy is clear about who deserves maximum credit for his Company’s achievements as he signs off. “No doubt, we all did our bit by putting in best efforts at all times over the years. But I wonder if we could have made it this far without these wonders,” he says, pointing to a Volvo DD100 in the distance.