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It’s the ‘road to hell’, some swear. Others exclaim it’s a heavenly stretch with breathtaking views. All agree Zoji La Pass is the ultimate driving experience. “Shock and awe – that’s what you get on this great mountain road,” says P V Subba Reddy, Head-Admin, Megha Engineering & Infrastructure Ltd. “It takes long hours, good eyes, deft hands and a lot of guts to negotiate it.” He pauses for a moment and then adds, “But all that will soon be a thing of the past. For, we are building a new way around that will be far safer, much faster and even more spectacular.”


Megha Engineering is an infrastructure major based out of Hyderabad in Telangana State. Recently, the Company was awarded the prestigious Zoji La Tunnel Project by the Government of India. The Zoji La Tunnel Project is one of national importance and strategic significance, featuring a 14-km bi-directional single tube tunnel road in the treacherous Zoji La mountain range along with an approach road of 18 kms with avalanche protection structures. Once completed, it will ensure all-weather connectivity between Srinagar Valley and Ladakh Plateau, reduce travel time from 3 hours to just 15 minutes and usher in all-round economic and socio-cultural integration. “It’s a dream project of Prime Minister and the Government of India,” says D Satya Kishore, Associate Manager, Admin - AMG Technical at Megha Engineering. He goes on to say that the reliability of Volvo CE machines is absolute, even in such tough & demanding applications like this one.

When it gets critical and challenging...
Assisting Megha Engineering in the Zoji La Project is a formidable fleet of Volvo Construction Equipment. They include eighteen EC210D Excavators, two L120F Wheel Loaders and twelve specialized breakers and couplers. Their task is cut out – dig a way through the mighty Himalayas in six years flat. “A tall order, no doubt,” says Satya Kishore, “The scale and scope of job we have at hand, the heights and weather conditions we have to work in, the cost pressures we have to endure, the timelines we have to abide by... all very challenging. But we know we can do it – we have Volvo.”

According to him, machine reliability is critical to succeed in an extremely challenging project like Zoji La, where temperatures can dip to -30 degree Celsius. “Remember, it snows here for six months of the year, paralyzing most activities,” he says. “But our Volvos are up and about all the time – their reliability is legendary.” He is convinced his Company has made the right decision to rely on Volvo equipments for this landmark project. “Only our Volvos can help us get this really tough job done on time, and to complete satisfaction.”

VolvoCE means everything
Backing Volvo machines at Zoji La Project is a full portfolio of aftermarket services from Volvo CE through local dealer PAL Infra Ltd. It includes ready supply of spares and technicians to maximize machine uptimes, and coordinated training programmes for field operators and technical staff to help optimize output in challenging conditions. “Volvo CE spends a lot of time to understand the customer’s specific requirements,” says J Padmanabhan, Manager – P&M. “He also added that Volvo CE goes out of the way to ensure that we at Megha Engineering are prioritized when it comes to machines and aftermarket services.” Satya Kishore is deeply appreciative of the support provided by Volvo CE dealers across the country. “Tougher the application, greater is their involvement,” he says. “And that’s something you only expect from Volvo CE dealers.”

While Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Ltd has already carved a niche for itself in the infrastructure space, the Zoji La Tunnel Project is clearly special. The Company understands its importance, the geo-strategic significance and what the Project means to the country’s ambitions and future. It is leaving no stone unturned to make the dream come true. Subba Reddy sums it up, “The Project has been decades in the making and we at Megha Engineering are determined make it an achievement that generations can be proud of. The light at the end of the tunnel will be brighter than ever before, for everyone.”