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A much-cherished partnership set in stone

Since the dawn of time, quarrying has been an essential part of construction activity. But while guiding principles have remained the same over centuries, modern quarry management is seeing revolutionary changes in recent times. “Now, it’s all about technology, more technology and better technology,” says B Trivikram, Managing Partner, Vijaya Durga Stone Crushers. “That’s the one and only way we can meet the ever growing demand for construction aggregates.”

Volvo Excavators are proving their worth in productivity and reliability for Vijaya Durga Stone Crushers at their blue metal quarry in Donabanda, Vijayawada

In business for decades, Vijaya Durga Stone Crushers is an established player in blue metal quarrying and crushing. The Company operates from its captive quarry in Donabanda, near Vijayawada in Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh. Employing advanced machinery and technology, Vijaya Durga Stone Crushers produces an extensive range of blue metal stones customised to customer needs in specification and quantity.

Performing to exceed expectations

Assisting the Company in quarry operations are two Volvo excavators - EC210DL and EC210D models. It’s tough grind for the Volvos day after day, but they are going about their work with methodical precision and accuracy. “Assign any task to a Volvo and you can be sure it will be executed to full satisfaction, on time every time,” says Trivikram. “That’s how good and reliable a Volvo is.”

Both his excavators have been in operation for thousands of hours, he points out, with no major complaint so far. "In fact, our EC210D has already clocked a record 7,000 hours...and is still going strong,” he adds. According to him, Volvo excavators work better for longer hours because they are built robust, technologically superior and easy to operate. He believes the extraordinary fuel-efficiency delivered by a Volvo gives it a clear edge against competition. “It’s big bonus really, which is most welcome because it comes on top of great productivity and reliability. It simply means you recover your investment and make profits in double-quick time!” he says.

Taking pride in the association

Spares and maintenance support is provided by local VolvoCE dealer, Ramanand Power Systems Ltd. Trivikram is pleased with the approach and efforts of the dealer. “Whatever it takes to keep our Volvos up and running for as long as possible – they do it, with a smile. Service doesn’t get any better than that!” he says.

Vijaya Durga Stone Crushers is looking to expand capacities to meet ever-growing demand for construction aggregates. Apart from new quarry management initiatives, it will involve adding new excavation and other equipments to the fleet. Trivikram is clear about the choice. “I am already a brand ambassador for Volvo in my area, urging every industry associate and contractor I know to experience first-hand the unmatched value of the brand. That’s how pleased we are with overall performance and service... how much we cherish our association with Volvo. Do you really believe we will look anywhere else for our future needs? No way! ” He signs off with a smile.

Vijaya Durga Stone Crushers and Volvo – A time-tested, fully-proven partnership