Construction Equipment India

A class apart – on and off the road

“It takes a lot to win very large road building contracts. You need to prove you have the experience, the expertise ...the team. Above all, you need to have the right equipment to rise to the challenges - Volvo.” Mahendra Agarwal, Director, GR InfraProjects Ltd

The transformation is not just remarkable, it is complete. Dismissed as back-of-beyond for decades after Independence, Purvanchal in Eastern Uttar Pradesh is fast making up for lost time, experiencing a make-over like never before. The entire region is now abuzz with construction activity - a “showpiece” of development. “If you want a glimpse of New India, look east. That’s where all the action is,” says Mahendra Agarwal, Director, GR InfraProjects Ltd. “And Purvanchal region is in the thick of it.”

GR InfraProjects Ltd is at work on the prestigious Purvanchal Expressway Project, building two stretches of world-class road infrastructure in the districts of Sultanpur and Azamgarh. The Company bagged the two road packages – each worth nearly Rs 1,500 crore - beating stiff competition. “It’s one of our highest value EPC road contracts,” beams R L Kashyap, Senior Vice President, “A big moment for our Company.” Founded in 1995, GR InfraProjects Ltd is a well entrenched name in road construction. The Company has executed hundreds of projects across several regions - from Rajasthan, Haryana, UP, Bihar, Jharkhand to the North-East.

One for the high road

Assisting GR InfraProjects on the Purvanchal Expressway Project is a vast and diverse fleet of Volvo Construction Equipment. A total of over 200 machines including high-end Excavators, Asphalt Compactors, Soil Compactors, Wheel Loaders and Pavers are on the job, working tirelessly day and night. Together, they will deliver what the Company is looking for – unmatched productivity and complete efficiency in operations. “Volvo understands our requirements and work environment better than anyone else in the business,” says Mahendra Agarwal, “They have always provided machines that help us consistently outperform in an intensely competitive environment.”

According to him, a typicalVolvoCE equipment scores high on productivity simply because it features the latest technology and user-friendly design. He believes Volvo machines, as a rule, offer best-in-class fuel efficiency and this gives them a clear edge in the market. “Add specialized software packages, advanced training for users and total service support,” says R L Kashyap, “You have a clear winner in Volvo - all the way to the bank!”

Straddling highways of success

While the Purvanchal Expressway Project is a milestone achievement for GR InfraProjects, Mahendra Agarwal is convinced the good news will only get better for the Company in years to come. He says, “It takes a lot to win very large road building contracts. You need to prove you have the experience, the expertise... the team. Above all, you need to have the right equipment to rise to the challenges - Volvo.” Having risen to the occasion, beating the odds more than once, GR InfraProjects is now exploring breakthrough opportunities in railways, airports and manufacturing units to add to its impressive portfolio of EPC road contracts.

For the best part of nearly two decades now, Volvo Construction Equipments have assisted GR InfraProjects in their journey to becoming one of the country’s most admired and trusted infrastructure companies. Mahendra Agarwal sums it up well, “Yes, our partnership with Volvo has endured over the years. That’s because we have been able to preserve and enhance our mutual interests to the benefit of all. Be sure, the best is yet to come – this is only the beginning!”

GR InfraProjects & VolvoCE – clearly, it’s a relationship that’s a class apart.