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150,000 connected machines


Unleashing the power of data

We live in an increasingly connected world, and there has never been a better time to make a real impact with your data. If every machine that is not connected could be considered a ‘lost machine’, then being part of the digital ecosystem is critical to your success. Volvo CE embarked on the path to connectivity since the launch of its first machine with an on-board computer, followed by the creation of MATRIS, a machine diagnosis and analysis tool. Starting in 2006, CareTrack telematics system allowed machines to be connected and this was then complemented by Volvo ACTIVE CARE in 2017, a service that introduced proactive and predictive monitoring through the use of Uptime Centers.

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Volvo CE currently has 150,000 connected machines - 140,000 more than 10 years ago when around 10,000 machines were connected.

Connectivity benefits

Connectivity not only significantly increases safety, uptime and fuel efficiency, all the while lowering costs. It is also a vital tool to help us achieve our goal to build a better world. Now with more connected solutions than ever before, we are contributing to our customers’ success by unlocking efficiencies across the value chain such as: distant monitoring, remote troubleshooting and downtime prevention by predictive analysis.

The future for Volvo CE

Volvo CE is constantly working on providing better solutions to customers and just scratching the surface of what technology can achieve. Future projects and innovations include: improved Uptime Centers, next generation CareTrack, more connected machines, safety technologies such as monitoring of head and eye movements to avoid tiredness-related accidents, people and object detection and machine-to-machine communication. With the new CareTrack, Volvo CE will bring an improved and customized experience, provide real-time production data and bridge the gap of managing multiple fleets across various platforms. By introducing an updated telematics system that can manage mixed fleet data, our users will be able to access all their machines information through a single platform. With Volvo CE, the future is rich with opportunity.

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