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Wheel Loaders – Bolinder-Munktell

In 1954 Bolinder-Munktell launched their groundbreaking H-10 back-end loader. Quite simply a modified normal tractor and by locating the loader unit over the big wheels it opened up opportunities for heavier loads and higher breakout forces. The first wheel loader from Volvo was born.

The H-10 was an immediate success. It was the first wheel loader in the world with attachment bracket and parallel movement, which means that changing attachments was easier and material handling safer and more efficient.

It was the start of what is now Volvo wheel loaders and the beginning of a development that includes a long line of technical solutions which were completely impossible to foresee in the middle of the fifties.

However, there wasn't just dramatic progress in technical development, but also safety, the environment and operator comfort. Volvo wheel loaders technical development has always taken place on human terms.

Features that were offered in 1954:
• Parallel linkage 
• Attachment bracket 
• Direct injected diesel engine 
• Volvo engine with turbo 

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