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Bolinder-Munktell H-10/35

In 1954, Bolinder-Munktell introduced a new product which was to be of major importance to the future development of the company. Known as the H-10, this machine consisted of an ordinary agricultural tractor fittedwith a "back-to-front" cab and a powerful lifting unit at the rear to enable the weight of the load to be taken by the big driving wheels. Four different models were produced (H-10/35, H-10/55, H-10/350 and H-10/470). The H-10 "rear loader" was the first of a series of highly successful wheel loaders produced over the years.

H-10/35 1958 specifications
Engine Bolinders 1053
Engine output (SAE), kW (hp) 32 (43)
Tip. load, kg 1 350
Bucket volume, m3 0,6–1,2
Tires front 14.3-30/10
Tires rear 7.50-18/8
No. of driven wheels 2
Operating weight, kg 5 150
Production no. 851
Production year 1954–1959