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Volvo asphalt compactor DD145 T3

Volvo D145 Canopy

Boasting a high comfort operator environment with ergonomic controls and all-around visibility, operators was able to work at their best when they stepped inside the DD145. Hard-working, reliable and with the support of Volvo Services you could count on this new compactor to deliver the highest levels of uptime, helping you achieve optimum results shift after shift.

Production years 2007-2010

Operating weight (with ROPS), kg (lbs) 14103 (31090)
Drum or rolling width, mm (in) 2135 (84)
Rated engine power, kW (hp) 123 (165)
Vibration frequency, hz (v/min) 45 / 52 (2700/3120)
Amplitude, mm (in) 0.35 / 0.88 (0.01 / 0.03)
Overall length, mm (in) 5380 (211.8)
Overall width, mm (in) 2312 (91)
Overall height, mm (in) 3175 (125)
Production year 2007-2010