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Why choose Volvo?

A brand that comes with a promise

Why choose Volvo?

Our products come with a lot of different features. But they all have one thing in common – the Volvo brand – the hallmark of our commitment to being the best supplier in the industry.

The quality you need to be successful

We know how important it is for you to have a product that not only keeps on doing its job throughout the day, but also keeps on doing so for many years. That’s why our machines are developed and tested for the toughest of conditions. We manufacture our products in our own facilities, so we have full control of the quality of every component, including our renowned range of engines and cabs we develop in-house. This is how we make sure you get the perfect combination of high productivity and low total cost of ownership.

We care about you and your business

We want our customers to be successful. To achieve that, we make sure to provide you with full support from day one. Our responsive aftermarket staff is always at your service, committed to keeping you up and running without costly delays, because we know what difference this makes to your business. As a Volvo customer, you also get access to our extensive range of services for improved fuel efficiency, uptime, productivity and safety. They include everything from specialized software and advanced training to complete service agreements and financial services developed by people who understand your business. 

Benefit from the latest technology

When you choose Volvo, you can rest assured you always have access to the latest innovations and technologies. Throughout our long history, we’ve constantly developed new solutions for better fuel economy, improved safety, increased productivity and a more comfortable operator’s environment. Recent years have seen the arrival of new smart digital tools, and we’re at the forefront when it to comes to developing the connected and autonomous vehicles of the future.

Welcome to the global Volvo

We’re present all over the world and offer a complete range of construction equipment, from excavators, articulated haulers and wheel loaders to compactors, pavers and pipelayers. And since we’re part of the Volvo Group, you can also get some of the world’s most renowned construction truck brands from the same supplier. This offers many benefits and sets us apart from many other manufacturers.

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We’re a responsible partner

We believe in doing business responsibly. Our company culture is based on the respect for people, of all backgrounds. Through our code of conduct we hold ourselves and our suppliers to high standards when it comes to working sustainably and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. We also take an active role in society, driving progress within safety and environmental care – both of which are deeply rooted in our brand values.

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