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Safety Services

Safety is in our DNA

Protecting you and your business

Safety is built into every design element of Volvo machines, ensuring every working shift ends without a hitch. Our range of safety and security features reduce the risk of accidents, interruptions and unexpected costs. Our vision of zero accidents demonstrates our commitment to the safety of all personnel and equipment, making sure you get the job done – and get home – safely.

Safety services

CareTrack Anti-Theft

Keep an eye on your machine. Caretrack Anti-Theft for crawler excavators reduces the risk of machine theft. Machine tampering, movement sensors and time fencing functionalities detect unauthorized use, allowing you to track the machine remotely and immobilize it. Moreover, a back-up battery ensures machine protection, even if the power is cut.

Pin-Code Lock

Lock down your machine. Reduce the risk of your machine being stolen or used without authorization, by assigning a unique Pin-Code. All your operator needs to do is enter the code and get to work.

Volvo Smart View

Real-time 360° view. To ensure safe rotation in confined working areas, our industry-leading Volvo Smart View offers perfect control. Front, rear and side cameras combine to provide a real-time, overhead view of the excavator during operation, on the colour monitor.

Speed Limiter

Steady control. The Speed Limiter option automatically regulates machine speed, eliminating the chance of the operator exceeding the pre-set speed limit. Available for articulated haulers and wheel loaders.