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Operator training program

At Volvo, our aim is to help make the day-to-day running of your business as efficient as possible. That’s why we engineer our machines to deliver industry leading levels of performance and uptime. While the Volvo machine is the enabler, it’s up to the operator to get the job done safely and cost effectively. Our training courses are designed to boost the operator’s skillset, helping them to unlock the full capability of their machinery.

Machine operator training

Unlock your potential. Machine Operator Training is the perfect course to increase knowledge of the Volvo machine, learn safe operating techniques, and discover how to use the machine to minimize wear and tear. The result is a more effective operation with reduced costs and more uptime.

Advanced Operator Training

Take your efficiency to the next level. Advanced Operator Training, also known as EcoOperator Training, is an advanced course for already-experienced operators, with a primary focus on efficiency. The program helps operators be more productive, while reducing fuel consumption, machine wear and tear, and unplanned downtime – for a more profitable and environmentally caring operation.

Volvo Co-Pilot operator training

Get to know your Assist applications. Volvo Co-Pilot Operator Training is designed to help operators use Volvo Co-Pilot and its advanced Assist applications in the most effective way. The result is a confident operator, as well as more productive and efficient work shifts.

Simulator Operator Training

Operator training can lower production costs, improve fuel efficiency, reduce environmental impact and enhance site safety. Volvo simulator training is just like the real thing: a real work experience but with zero fuel consumption. Whatever the weather, time or place, you can always train on a Volvo simulator.

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Advanced Training Simulators

Just like the real thing

With both excavator, wheel loader and articulated hauler configurations available, Volvo simulators accurately replicate real site and machine handling conditions to give operators an authentic job-site experience. Operator efficiency and productivity are measured in detail while operating the simulator to help track performance and monitor improvement.

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