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Fuel Efficiency Services

Do more with less fuel

Use your fuel more intelligently

Get a grip on fuel consumption with a range of Fuel Efficiency Services, including consultancy and fuel reports that are designed to cut operating costs and maximize your profitability. With machine information at your fingertips, you can take corrective actions to improve working practices – reducing overall fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, saving money and the planet. And, with operator training, you can enhance operator skills and optimize fuel efficiency.

Fuel Efficiency Services

Fuel Efficiency Report

Time to get fuel efficient. Gain invaluable insight into your machine’s efficiency with Fuel Efficiency Report, designed to lower your operating costs and maximize profitability. Operate at maximum capacity and make sure your machines are functioning efficiently.

Engine auto shut down

Cut down fuel consumption. The Engine auto shut down option offers an easy way to reduce fuel consumption and decrease total costs. The feature automatically shuts down the engine when it has been in idle for more than 4 minutes, or when the machine is stationary and not in gear.

Fuel Advice

Assess, improve and sustain. Rely on our expertise to help you lower your operating costs. Fuel Advice is designed to identify areas of improvement to ensure long-lasting fuel efficiency. Receive an advice package from your Volvo dealer including the three-step journey: assess, improve and sustain.

CareTrack Operation

Fleet management made easy. Caretrack Operation offers reports on fuel consumption, machine utilization and excessive idling, to help you maximize your productivity. For each machine, a different report is generated, giving valuable insight into operator efficiency, allowing you to identify any training needs.

Operator training

Back to school has never been more exciting, thanks to a range of operator education programs and tools from Volvo – all aimed at helping businesses run more efficiently.

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