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Volvo CE operator training

Operator training

Learning the best operating practises

Operator training

We understand that today’s customers do not buy machines – they buy productivity. While the Volvo machine is the enabler, it’s up to the skills of the operator to get the job done safely, efficiently and cost effectively. This is why we offer operator training for a more productive and profitable machine ownership.

Basic operator training

Basic operator training is used in many places around the world to provide operators familiarity and efficiency with each one of our different machines. The training programs are designed to help operators of all skill levels learn the best operating practices.

All of our courses consist of an introduction to a specific Volvo product, safety, operator’s inspections of equipment, operator’s environment (cab, instruments and controls), hydraulics and attachments, machine operation and operating techniques and worksite operations all conducted by a Volvo Operator Training Specialist.

Eco Operator training

The Eco Operator training is not a ”driving school” but rather an advanced course for those who are already operators. The purpose is to refine the operators’ skills, knowledge and awareness of how to operate more ecologically and economically while improve productivity and reducing fuel consumption. The program teaches correct machine operation and manoeuvring as well as how to plan work in the smartest, most efficient way. By following these techniques operators can help save money on fuel, increase overall production and reduce maintenance expenses.

simulator Training

Thanks to advanced 3-D graphics coupled with a hydraulically controlled platform, the Volvo Advanced Training Simulator puts a whole new spin on operator training.

The operator feels precisely how the machine will react in various situations, allowing training in even the toughest environments and most stressful situations, all in a realistic environment without risk to either one's self, another person, or the machine. The simulators can be used in up to 80% of completion of the Basic operator training.

Excavator simulator training

Rock handling
Operators learn how to work with rocks in a safe and efficient manner, and are able to practice day-to-day tasks such as how to work with large rocks and how to load a hauler.

Earth moving
Operators are able to learn about and practice tasks such as loading trucks with dirt and digging various types of ditches. It includes step-by-step instructions on how to perform these tasks safely and efficiently.

Tilt rotator
Here, operators practice highly skilled operating tasks performed with a tilt rotator. It begins by teaching the fundamentals and making sure that the operator knows how to operate the tilt rotator properly. After achieving a certain skill level, the operator moves on to a more advanced task, such as grading, levelling or pallet handling.

Wheel loader simulator training

Rock handling
Operators learn how to work with rocks in a safe and efficient manner, and are able to practice day-to-day tasks such as how to work with large rocks and how to load a hauler.

Earth moving
Operators are taught how to use a Volvo Wheel Loader for earth moving tasks correctly and efficiently. Simply put, how to utilize the machine to the fullest.

Pallet handling
Operators learn how to use pallet forks with a particular focus on safe practices and correct work methods.

Forestry applications
The wheel loader is a multiple purpose machine, which is reflected in the training package.

demolition simulator training

Operator is to sort debris with a grapple. The debris is to be sorted into three containers according to material.

Processing area
Train to cut steel beams with shears and munch concrete with a crusher. When munching concrete the re-bar should be left intact and placed in the container.

Breaking area
The operator will practice using a hammer to break concrete.

High reach training
Practice safe high reach demolition methodology. Apply the shears at the green markers to remove a beam. New beams become available according to the prescribed cut order.

Tilting the cabin
The cabin tilt is controlled using the two lower buttons on the numpad. The left buttons lowers the cabin the right button raises the cabin. Keep the button depressed while adjusting the tilt.

Articulated hauler simulator training

Rock handling
As an option, the Volvo Wheel Loader Simulator can be converted to a full-scale Volvo Articulated Hauler Simulator in a matter of minutes – complete with authentic controls and a comprehensive training program.

Safe loading and unloading
Learning and practicing safe and efficient loading techniques, such as enforcing correct usage of the load and dump brake, enables operators to perform at top levels in terms of both safety and productivity.

Fine-tuning details, such as angle of approach, truck exchange time and optimal truck spacing, prepares operators for a high demand environment where operating skills are crucial.

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