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Genuine Volvo Parts

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Retain high performance and peace of mind with Genuine Volvo Parts, because every component is part of something bigger. Maintain productivity and machine uptime with our range of readily available, tested and approved parts – all backed by Volvo warranty. Only by using Genuine Volvo Parts, can you protect your investment, extend machine lifecycle and guarantee long-lasting performance.

Volvo parts

Engines and powertrain

Volvo offers a complete engine overhaul, including sealing, cylinder liner and bearing kits, as well as a range of individual replacement parts. By using only Genuine Volvo Parts, you can ensure that your Volvo engine will retain reliability, performance, low emissions and world class fuel economy throughout the entire life cycle of the machine.

Filters and fluids

The better the quality of your components, the more you can get from your Volvo machine. Optimal performance and maximum uptime can only be achieved by using recommended genuine Volvo filters and fluids, which have been tested and approved for Volvo machines – key to reducing operating costs.


The hydraulic system plays a vital role in machine uptime and productivity. Our range of Genuine Volvo Parts feature a selection of components and related spare parts, such as pumps and motors, cylinders, hydraulic filters, hydraulic oils and valves.

Ground Engaging Tools

Volvo offers a full range of Ground Engaging Tools, developed to the highest standard, to meet the demands of all your applications. Whether you choose the patented Volvo Tooth System, edges, segments or breaker tools, our design and choice of material guarantees superior performance.

Undercarriage Parts

Increase performance and track life. Choose from a range of undercarriage parts and maintenance services to match your working environment. Prevent downtime and achieve better cost of ownership throughout your machine’s life.

Electrical and electronics parts

Complete your machine and secure ultimate power generation, with our intelligent electronic controls and parts. Acting as the brain of the machine, the Electronic Control Units work in harmony with the Human Machine Interface, to offer precise operator control and secure a safe and comfortable workplace.

Maintenance and repair kits

Our maintenance and repair kits make sourcing repair and maintenance parts simple. Save time and money, we deliver everything you need in one package and recommend the required Genuine Volvo Parts at each service interval.

Retrofit options and accessories

Choose from a wide range of Volvo aftermarket kits, engineered to enhance productivity and machine safety. Our selection of Volvo accessories and features have been designed to increase operating comfort and make day-to-day jobs easier and more efficient.

Volvo Hose Service

The hose you need. High quality hydraulic hoses are readily available from your Volvo dealer. This service ensures optimal hose performance and helps minimize machine downtime.

Endurance Parts

Competitively priced and built to meet your expectations, our range of quality Endurance Parts will help keep your machine up and running. Designed to provide an instant return on your investment, Endurance Parts offer a straightforward solution to reduce downtime.

Classic Parts

Genuine parts for trusted machines. To some, age is just a number, but at Volvo, it’s the key component of Classic Parts. Take your pick from a selection of Genuine Volvo Parts and benefit from a more affordable repair option for your seasoned Volvo.

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