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Electrifying partnership

Transforming our society towards an electric future is not only a change we are a part of, it is a race we are leading. Because it is a race that cannot wait. This is why we partner with the FIA World Rallycross Championship as they too transform towards electric rallycross racing.

Driving diversity

We believe motorsport, just like construction, should be open to everyone. And no better is this demonstrated than through the incredible achievements of our independent Construction Equipment Dealer Team – which boasts World RX’s first ever gender-balanced driving duo.

CE Dealer Team

World RX tracks 2.0

We ensure the very best thrills when we build the courses at some of the most outstanding racetracks around the globe. When the adjustment of a few centimeters can make all the difference our leading machine and service solutions are there to generate adrenalin-pumping excitement with the lowest possible emissions.

Track building
Electric machine at the race track
Volvo CE X FIA World RX
Watch how our partnership can accelerate our society’s electric transformation.
YouTube playlist

Explore FIA World RX

More information about the World RX Championship, including race schedule, news and results, can be found at their web site.

World RX Championship