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Better connected

It can be the quieter innovations that make the biggest difference. Our digital solutions are a vital tool in our journey towards Industry 4.0 - a more connected future that is revolutionizing our business. Because it is through powerful data that we can work smarter, safer and more sustainably than ever before.

150,000 connected machines

How is connectivity transforming our world?
Boosting productivity

We are adding power to our customers’ business with Connected Map – providing full site visibility and increasing productivity.

Connected map
Enhancing safety

Our Collision Mitigation System for wheel loaders can significantly increase safety – while delivering on our vision for zero accidents.

Collision mitigation
Reducing carbon

Cutting down on carbon is possible while maintaining high levels of profitability and productivity thanks to our CO2Reduction Program.

Carbon reduction program
Lowering costs

Delays and inefficient work sites can have an impact on the bottom line, but Task Manager helps customers set targets and monitor progress.

Task Manager
Increasing efficiency

We can unlock efficiencies across the supply chain and balance the flow on site with service solutions like Connected Load Out.

Connected Load Out