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Undercarriage inspections

Understanding your undercarriage

Undercarriage inspections

The undercarriage of an excavator receives among the harshest treatment of any part of the machine. Not only does it support and propel the total weight of the machine, but it is continuously subjected to rocks and other obstacles when in operation. Undercarriage Inspections reduce the risk of an unexpected and costly breakdown – which could seriously compromise uptime, potentially affecting the whole site.

Stay on track

Regular inspections allow Volvo to help you plan your undercarriage overhaul – minimizing disruption to productivity and saving time and money. During the Undercarriage Inspection, the track tension is checked. The remaining lifetime of the different components of the undercarriage are also calculated. By scheduling and planning for your undercarriage overhaul, your Volvo dealer can ensure that all the necessary parts are available when needed.

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