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Proactive Monitoring

Get connected. Boost uptime.

Increase machine uptime

Keep your machine working with Proactive Monitoring.
The intelligent telematics service from Volvo monitors machine health remotely to help prevent potential breakdowns.

Outstanding benefits

We do it for you

We designed it. We built it. Now, let us take care of it. Volvo monitors the health of your machine, giving you more time to focus on your operations.

Reduce unplanned downtime

Catch small issues before they turn into big ones. Volvo provides you with insight into your machine's health, so problems can be found and fixed early on.

Save time and money

  • To help minimize unexpected costs, your dealer can advise you on whether your machine requires immediate action, or if the repair can be scheduled into your next service – reducing unnecessary travel.
  • Spend more time working and less time waiting. Thanks to remote diagnosis, a technician will arrive suitably prepared for the job, optimizing machine repair time.

Tailored recommendations

Find out why machine faults are reoccurring. Your local dealer can use Proactive Monitoring to examine how your machine is being operated and why certain actions may be causing problems. Whatever the cause, leave it to Volvo to provide a solution, tailored to your specific application.

How does it work?
  • Machine data points are captured via CareTrack – Volvo’s telematics system – and sent to the Volvo Uptime Center.
  • Our analysts process the information and send it straight to your Volvo dealer.
  • Your dealer will contact you and create the best plan of action.
Proven results

Whether it's a simple reminder regarding alarm codes or a more complex diagnosis, we consider everything that could impact machine uptime. Find out from these real-life examples how Proactive Monitoring helps keep Volvo machines moving.

//Case study Netherlands

In the Netherlands, Proactive Monitoring has been used to observe more than 100 machines since 2015. The year before the start of the program saw six transmission failures – a figure that has dropped to zero in 2017.

//Case study UK

Over the course of eight months while using Proactive Monitoring on a fleet of machines in the UK, 176 hours of unplanned downtime were avoided. That equates to 22 hours of added machine availability per month. Through proactive support and swift maintenance, machines spent less time being serviced, and more time on-site, resulting in significant production gains.

Our support doesn't stop there

Combine Proactive Monitoring with a range of Volvo Services to create a custom package tailored to your needs – just talk to your dealer!

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