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On-board Weighing

Take control of your productivity

On-board Weighing

On-Board Weighing provides real-time payload information which can help to eliminate carry-back and overloading; the result is peak productivity, reduced fuel consumption and less machine wear. External lights provide a visual guide to assist the operator of the loading unit in achieving the nominal load.

Optimal payload, enhanced machine performance

Payload data provided by On-Board Weighing is one of several inputs to the Volvo Dynamic Drive. Volvo Dynamic Drive optimizes gear shifting, ensuring maximum performance, lower fuel consumption and ease of operation.

Your partner in the cab

Just as you would expect from your smartphone or tablet, Volvo Co-Pilot comes pre-installed with apps designed to make the operator’s life easier.

Dump zones

Keep track of all transported material to each dump areas.


Keep track of different types of material.

Productivity dashboard

The dashboard monitors productivity data, with the possibility to set individual targets.

Integrated rear-view camera

Choose between full screen or split screen which shows the rear camera alongside On-Board Weighing information.

Productivity reports

Detailed productivity information is stored in the Volvo Co-Pilot and can be exported over the air to a cloud-based portal or by using a USB-stick, enabling further analysis. Reports can be generated automatically on a daily and weekly basis, or manually at any time.

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