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See the big picture, get full site visibility

Experience complete jobsite visibility with Connected Map, which provides a visual overview in real time of the position of every machine, every vehicle, and every visitor on your site. The intelligent positioning service is accessible by all site personnel, both in the machine (via Volvo Co-Pilot or an Android/iOS device) and in the office (via the Office Portal).

Main benefits

More efficient, more productive

With total jobsite visibility via the Office Portal, the site management has all the necessary information at their fingertips to optimize traffic conditions for maximum productivity. What is more, increasing the efficiency of transport operations can help cut travel times, minimize material mixing, lower fuel consumption, and reduce emissions.

Improved awareness and communication

Not only does Connected Map provide everyone on site with a visual overview of all other units, it also allows immediate communication of any changes made to the site. The site manager or machine operator can react to the prevailing site conditions, introducing measures such as one-way traffic or restricted zones, and communicate these changes to all users in an instant, helping to reduce accidents and protect the welfare of everyone on site.

A complete site solution

Whether a Volvo machine, non-Volvo machine, vehicle or temporary site visitor, Connected Map will visualize the position of any unit on site which has the app installed – either in the Volvo Co-Pilot or in an Android/iOS device.

Machine traceability

Stay in the know when it comes to the whereabouts of your machines thanks to the search functionality within Connected Map which will look-up and find users or machines in real-time, with the last machine position visible for 30 days.

How it works

Connected Map extracts the positioning data from machine telematics or Android/ iOS devices with SIM Cards and uploads it to a cloud-based Volvo platform. The result is a total site positioning solution for both Volvo and non-Volvo machines and temporary site visitors.

Connected Map features

Assist operators in navigating around the site.

Let operators know where to load and unload on the site.

Help operators to avoid entering restricted areas.

Visualize specified points of interest such as offices, workshops, fuel stations and more. Especially helpful for new or temporary operators.

To avoid traffic congestions, the operator will be notified if another machine is approaching within a predefined single lane section.

Set speed restrictions for the site and/or specific sections of the site to prevent speeding.

For site management
  • Makes it easier to manage larger sites via the Office Portal and creates the possibility to manage multiple sites simultaneously.
  • Maximise on-site productivity.
  • Enhance traffic awareness.
  • Instantly communicate any site updates to all users.
  • Provides an overview of where all machines and operators are, including visitors.

For operators on site
  • Makes it easier to become familiar with the site for more straightforward, safer, and less stressful operations.
  • Know where everyone on site is, including visitors.
  • Search and find users and machines instantly.
  • Get instant updates, which are communicated to all users.

For the temporary visitor
  • Stay visible on the site.
  • Any Android/iOS device with an active SIM card can be used.
  • Easily download the Site Map Application available from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Use your own Android/iOS device with SIM card (e.g., cell phone or tablet).

For regularly used non-Volvo machines (mixed fleets) on site
  • For machines which are regularly on site, for the best experience we recommend fitting your non-Volvo machine with a Generic/non-Volvo Volvo Co-Pilot with Map App. This can be purchased as an aftermarket option through your Volvo dealer.
  • Alternatively gain access via any Android/iOS device with a SIM card.
Your questions answered
  1. What is Connected Map?
    Connected Map is a positioning service which provides a visualized site overview for all machines and vehicles on a site, accessible by personnel in the machines (via Volvo Co-Pilot or Android/iOS device) and in the office (via the Office Portal for site managers).
  2. What is included in the Connected Map Service Solution?
    Positioning in real time for all connected machines on your site, including both regular and temporary visitors on site.
    In addition, installation (including HW), software updates and access to the Office Portal are included in the Connected Map Service Solution.
  3. What is the Office Portal?
    The Office Portal is a web portal which provides a visual overview of all machines on site. It is through the Office Portal that the site manager can make changes, which are instantly available to all active users, helping to increase productivity and site awareness. As such, site management do not have to be located on or even close to the site, making it possible to manage multiple sites simultaneously.

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