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Included from the start

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Included from the start

Every Volvo machine comes with our legendary Volvo customer support – setting the industry benchmark since 1832. Whether you’re buying new or used, our global network of dealers and technicians offer around-the-clock support, including machine monitoring and world-class parts availability. It’s the basis of everything offered by Volvo Services, so you can be confident we’ve got you covered right from the start.

Global dealer network

Volvo has a comprehensive network to fully serve your needs using local knowledge and global experience. Our extensive infrastructure of dealers, workshops and dedicated personnel around the world are utilizing the shared expertise of the complete Volvo organization.

Volvo service technicians

Volvo trained dealer technicians know the ins and outs of your Volvo machine, and how to maximize the technology better than anyone else. As we see it, knowledge and expertise are integral to our offer. That’s why we make sure our professionals undergo continuous training and stay up-to-date on the latest standards and tools provided by Volvo.

Worldwide parts availability

No individual parts supplier can compete with Volvo as a total solution provider. Whatever part is needed, we can provide and replace it quickly and safely – even for Volvo machines purchased ten years ago. Access hundreds of thousands of parts through our extensive logistics network, available at your one source – your Volvo dealer.

Comprehensive warranties

Quality is synonymous with the Volvo brand and has been central to the products we engineer and produce for more than 185 years. We are passing on our belief in the quality of our products to you through our comprehensive offer, which combines standard warranty and a flexible extended coverage program. You can also look forward to the peace of mind that comes with comprehensive warranties available with the purchase of Genuine Volvo Parts.

Introductory training

Get your machine and operations up and running with the help of our professionals, offering introductory machine instructions and on-site operator training upon the delivery of your Volvo.


Save time and money with CareTrack, one of the many machine monitoring information systems. Standard on our larger machines, CareTrack provides you with free access to your machine’s data, such as hours and positioning, and helps you more efficiently plan servicing, thanks to alerts. Beyond the entry level, unlock infinite opportunities to improve operator performance, increase productivity and reduce fuel costs.

Proactive Monitoring

Keep your machine moving with Proactive Monitoring. Volvo monitors machine data remotely, from our very own Uptime Center, helping to predict potential failures before they occur. This gives you more time to focus on your operation, helping to reduce unplanned downtime and minimize repair costs.

24/7 support

Our goal is clear: we’ll do what it takes to ensure trouble-free operations and make your machine as productive and profitable as it can be. Offering around-the-clock support, we’ll be there to support you whenever and wherever you need it the most.

Volvo merchandise

Our machines are designed, built and supported in a unique way. People around the world are proud to own and use Volvo products. Choose from our wide range of official Volvo branded merchandise, including clothes, toys, collectibles and other products that reflect our brand and what we believe in.