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Volvo machine operator training

Machine operator training

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Machine operator training

Machine Operator Training is the perfect course to increase knowledge of the Volvo machine, learn safe operating techniques, and discover how to use the machine to minimize wear and tear. The result is a more effective operation with reduced costs and more uptime.

What you get

Safer operation

Training enables operators to continually refine their skills and operating practices, helping to lower the risk of incidents or accident.

Reduced wear, reduced costs

Training can help prevent unnecessary strain being put on the machine, minimizing wear and tear – hence reducing costs.

Higher productivity

With a good understanding of the many intelligent features and functions of their Volvo machines, operators can use the machine to its full potential.

More uptime

Correct machine use keeps your machines in good condition and reduces the risk of unplanned downtime, while increasing machine lifetime and residual value.

Increased operator satisfaction

Training is proven to increase job satisfaction, resulting in happier and more productive operators. A commitment to employee development also helps attract talented operators.

How it works

Designed around the requirements of your operators and your business, Machine Operator Training is delivered through a combination of theory and practice.

From theory...
  • Training starts in the classroom where content is delivered via video, group discussion and presentation from our expert trainers:
  • Importance of the operator
  • Worksite safety
  • Machine introduction
  • Best operating practices
    • Instruments and controls
    • Features and functions
    • Safe operation
    • Tips and Tricks
…to practice

Following time in the classroom, participants get out in the field to apply what they have learnt. Firstly completing a machine walkaround and familiarization, before getting behind the controls to work through an extensive list of machine functions and tasks. Our expert trainer monitors performance throughout the practical tasks, providing feedback and suggested improvements in real-time. This practical session can be completed with ready-to-use exercises, or during the operator’s daily work, coached by the instructor.

Smart training tools

To support the training program, as well as sustain the results achieved, your Volvo dealer can offer a range of smart solutions.
Below are some examples.

Advanced Training Simulators

Irrespective of bad weather or lack of machines, the practical parts of the Machine Operator Training can always be performed in a state-of-the-art Volvo simulator.

With both excavator, wheel loader and articulated hauler configurations available, Volvo simulators accurately replicate real site and machine handling conditions to give operators an authentic job-site experience. Operator efficiency and productivity are measured in detail while operating the simulator to help track performance and monitor improvement.

Insight Reports

Powered by CareTrack telematics system, Insight Reports can be the perfect support material for operator training. A comprehensive portfolio of reports provides information related to the health, efficiency and productivity of the Volvo machines, and gives operators easy-to-digest information on how their operating style affects machine performance.

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