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On-board Weighing

Take control of your productivity

On-board Weighing

Whether you are checking the payload or tracking key performance indicators, On-Board Weighing is the ideal solution. The intuitive system monitors the amount of material moved, providing useful data and real-time insights on the productivity of your articulated hauler.

Hit your targets

On-Board Weighing helps ensure every hauler shifts the optimal payload. Providing superb accuracy, the system can help eliminate under-loading for peak productivity and over-loading for reduced fuel consumption and machine wear. Loading has never been easier with visual indicators which keep the hauler operator and loading unit operator informed of the load at all times.

Meet your Volvo Co-Pilot

Reporting on demand

Production data is stored in the Volvo Co-Pilot and can be exported over the air to a cloud-based portal, or by using a USB-stick.

You can create a ready-made PDF report and a CSV report, which includes data per cycle.

Reports can be produced manually at any time, and with the scheduling functionality, can be automatically generated on a daily or weekly basis.

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