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Wheel loader applications

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Wheel loader applications

Meet our application specific wheel loaders, designed and built to help you achieve superior results according to the unique demands of the segment you are working in. The right machine options, tires and attachments all combine to ensure our specially adapted wheel loaders deliver maximum safety and performance. All supported by your Volvo dealer and aftermarket Volvo solutions, for the lifetime of your machine.

Heavyweight champion

Block handling

From the rigors of lifting and carrying heavyweight blocks all day, to the wet, steep and rocky ground; our heavy-duty L150H, L180H, L220H and L350H have been configured for optimum results in the quarry.

Download the block handling Volvo Wheel Loaders brochure (PDF, 1.9MB)

Farmer's choice


Work on the farm never stops, so you need a machine which delivers non-stop performance too. Working day or night, indoors or outdoors, the L45H, L50H, L60H, L70H, L90H, L110H and L120H will fit seamlessly into your operation, carrying a variety of loads across some of the most challenging ground conditions.

Download the agriculture Volvo Wheel Loaders brochure (PDF, 1.8MB)

King of the timber yard

Log handling

Drawing on more than six decades of experience in building machines and attachments for the forestry industry, we present our line-up of Volvo Wheel Loaders, tailor made to cope with the intense demands of logging applications: the L60H, L70H, L90H, L110H, L120H, L150H, L180H, L180H High-Lift, L220H and L350H log loaders.

Download the log handling Volvo Wheel Loaders brochure (PDF, 1.5MB)

Loads of productivity


Whether working in truck loading, hopper charging, stockpiling or load and carry, trust in Volvo Wheel Loaders to deliver round-the-clock productivity. The L110H, L120H, L150H, L180H, L220H, L260H and L350H rehandlers are designed to move more material per loading cycle. This means tasks can be completed in fewer cycles, resulting in a lower cost per tonne.

Download the rehandling Volvo Wheel Loaders brochure (PDF, 1.5MB)

Handle the heat

Slag handling

Steel mills are some of the harshest environments for both machine and operator, with conditions including extreme heat, toxic fumes and heavy dust. Purpose-built Volvo L150H, L180H, L220H and L350H slag handlers provide the reliability, heat proofing and thermal protection needed to succeed in slag handling.

Download the slag handling Volvo Wheel Loaders brochure (PDF, 1.2MB)

Other wheel loader applications to come

Rock handling

L260H, L350H rock loaders

More information coming soon.

Waste handling

More information coming soon.

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