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Volvo Engine Parts

A lifetime of Volvo quality

Our Volvo Engine Parts offer enables a complete engine overhaul – including sealing kits, cylinder liner kits and bearing kits – as well as a wide range of individual replacement parts. By using only Genuine Volvo Parts, you can ensure that your Volvo Engine will retain the reliability, performance, low emissions, and world-class fuel economy throughout the entire lifecycle of the machine.


Key benefits

  • Designed to optimize engine performance and perfectly integrate with your machine.
  • Manufactured according to our rigorous quality standards and auditing processes.
  • Materials carefully chosen to meet the highest standards of durability, safety, and environmental care.
  • Verified according to our extensive rig-testing and field-testing programs to ensure optimum performance and reliability, in all driving and climate conditions.

By choosing genuine Volvo Engine Parts you are caring for your machine in the best possible way, creating the best possible conditions for maximum machine uptime and peace of mind, and helping to ensure top performance for many years to come.


From desert heat to arctic cold, Volvo Alternators are specially designed to meet the highest standards of amperage and voltage output in the most demanding working conditions.

*Endurance Alternator available

Starter Motors

Manufactured using only the highest quality materials, Volvo Starter Motors guarantee excellent starting and charging power, ensuring your machine will start safely in even the harshest of climates.

* Endurance Starter available (to be launched)


The robust technology of Volvo Injectors ensures maximum power output while achieving world-class fuel efficiency. Combined with Volvo’s advanced exhaust gas aftertreatment systems, the injectors play a vital role in achieving low emissions.

Turbo Chargers

Volvo Turbo Chargers are made to meet our exacting standards, fine-tuned to achieve optimum efficiency from your Volvo Engine year after year, and all at the required level of performance and emissions.