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Volvo CE electric machines continue to impress in Japan

Electric construction machines from Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) are continuing to demonstrate their advantages to customers in Japan, with an ECR25 Electric excavator selected for a railroad construction project in Osaka.

Volvo Construction Equipment's electric machines are gaining momentum throughout Asia, and the number of units being installed on job sites is increasing. The most recent project to benefit from this groundbreaking machine is its operational installation on the Naniwa-suji urban rail line in Osaka, where the contractor, Zenitaka-Gumi, is using an ECR25 Electric excavator rented from Nishio Rent-All, which is also providing full after-sales and service support. Japan has set a goal of reducing its carbon dioxide emissions by 60% by 2035, and zero-emission machines play an extremely important role in promoting sustainability, both at the corporate and national levels.

In the construction of Nishi-Honmachi Station on the Naniwa-suji Line, the ECR25 Electric has been installed as the main excavation tool for this project, including the excavation of earth and sand, and has demonstrated remarkable performance and efficiency. The success of this machine has contributed to the success of the project, strengthening the railroad network, improving access to Kansai International Airport and Shin-Osaka Station, constructing a new station, as well as creating a new axis that will facilitate urban development along the line.

At the same time, because the project will take place in an urban landscape dotted with residential areas, safety, noise, and traffic management are all important considerations, reducing CO₂ emissions and noise pollution, and minimising the impact on the surrounding environment. Operating six days a week, five hours a day, the unit is highly reliable and robust.

The Zenitaka Group, said.

“The Volvo ECR25 Electric has been instrumental in optimising our processes, especially in overcoming the challenges of this city's unique landscape, and its outstanding performance and efficiency have not only contributed to the success of this project, but also to our compliance with our commitment to sustainable construction practices. The project has been a great success. Through our partnership with Volvo Construction Equipment, we are reaffirming our dedication to responsible construction, minimising environmental impact while also maximising operational efficiency."

Volvo Construction Equipment is continuing towards its goal of reducing CO₂ emissions by 40% by 2040. The commitment is also aligned with Volvo Group’s commitment to Science Based Targets.

Technical details

The ECR25 Electric excavator is a machine with a capacity of 2.6 to 2.8 t and a crushing force of 22.3 kN. It is equipped with an on-board charger for general charging, an external quick charger (optional for indoor/outdoor use), and a 20 kWh battery, which allows for 3 to 4 hours of work per charge. The machine comes with an on-board standard charger and an optional stand-alone fast charger for indoor/outdoor use.

Japanese companies can register their interest in learning more about electric machines via an online portal to get personalised information.

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