Construction Equipment Asia

Taikoo Motors technicians deliver premium customer service experiences to Volvo CE customers in Taiwan

All over the world technicians from Volvo Construction Equipment (CE) and its dealer network perform high-quality technical maintenance as part of the company’s commitment to world-class service, support, and uptime. To showcase this leading-edge customer support, a new video from Taiwan as part of the “Services make it better” campaign highlights how attention to detail and technical skills are fundamental to instilling customer confidence.

Volvo CE and Taikoo technicians working together to improve competence, experience, and interpersonal relationships.

A new video showcases the skill of technicians from Volvo CE dealer Taikoo Motors in its local market of Taiwan. It takes an interesting view of the issue, drawing parallels between the skill, focus and dedication needed to maintain construction equipment with that needed to produce the top-quality tea that is so central to Taiwan’s culture. Viewers can see the importance of competence, experience, and interpersonal relationships for the technicians, while they also display the synergies that exist between the services they perform.

This video brings to life the commitment of the Taikoo Motors technicians through the professional advice and top-notch service they provide on a constant basis to ensure that the Volvo CE machines of Taikoo Motors customers are always in the best condition possible. With the best levels of service, customers can be confident of achieving the highest levels of efficiency, performance, and reliability.