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Success for first trials of Connected Map & Performance Indicator in Asia

Volvo Construction Equipment rolls out digital services in Asia to help customers boost productivity and efficiency. In the latest example, customers in Taiwan, Indonesia, and Japan are the first to trial the Connected Map & Performance Indicator solution. The solution has given valuable data points to the customer that is an enabler to increase productivity, better fleet optimization, lower fuel consumption, reduce emissions and improve on-site safety.

Driving productivity and increasing on-site safety

Volvo CE has successfully trialed the first use of Connected Map and Performance Indicator in Region Asia with customers in Taiwan, Indonesia, and Japan.

With Connected Map, all machines and vehicles can see each other, and customers can visualize what the site looks like from a computer in the office. The service also allows users to see roads, points of interest, speed and restricted zones, workshops, fuel stations, as well as load and dump zones. With Performance Indicator, the customer has access to data on productivity, fuel consumption, vehicle over speeding, and number of cycles, all on a real-time basis to benchmark and optimize his site operation for improved efficiencies.

AM Muralidharan, Head of Productivity Services and Retail Development Region Asia said:

“We are delighted with the results of the first trials of Connected Map and Performance Indicator in Taiwan, Indonesia, and Japan. By providing full site visibility, the digital solution enables the customers to see the big picture efficiently and productively. The complete site solution allows for improved awareness and communication plus real-time machine data for a safer and more dynamic job site. We look forward to making Connected Map & Performance Indicator as well as other associated digital services available for all customers in the region.”

In addition, these services are subscription-based and can be enabled when needed depending on the size and scale of the project, thereby making it an affordable solution.

First use of Connected Map & Performance Indicator in Region Asia

Across region Asia, the trial was conducted, running successfully on projects covering various segments including General Construction, Heavy Construction, and Mining sites using articulated haulers ranging from 2 units to as high as 40 units.

The sites covered as much as over 20 square kilometers and included multiple loading and dumping zones. In a site that has high traffic including haulers, excavators, and on-site services that normally has over 40 articulated haulers and 20 vehicles, ensuring safety is a top priority so the customer is trialing Connected Map to ensure speed limits for the articulated haulers are complied with, to avoid accidents and improve overall safety. In addition to this was the feature of restricted zones that visually alerted the operator to avoid certain zones

The Performance Indicator gave real-time data points on productivity and fuel consumption, which otherwise would only have been available to the customer after a day or two, thereby giving the customer the ability to make changes if needed to improve the overall efficiencies of individual equipment or the fleet at large.

The customer also had the opportunity to see how Connected Map & Performance Indicator can shape better operational behaviors and improve scheduling to avoid cost and time overruns. Here it was used to identify potential issues such as haulers queuing at loading zones, to take proactive action and ensure optimal utilization and improved site productivity.

Strong customer support

Volvo Construction Equipment initiated the project after site visits to ascertain the specific customer requirements, as well as the utility of the solution to the operator. Once this was completed, the entire project was setup in 48 hours with support from Volvo CE’s dealerships in Taiwan M/s Taikoo Commercial Vehicles Limited Taiwan Branch & U-MAC Trading Co., Ltd, PT Indotruck Utama Indonesia and M/s Yamazaki Machinery Co. Ltd, Japan, as well as Volvo CE’s Global team.

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