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Safety tips for operating construction machines on job sites

Safety has always been a priority at Volvo Construction Equipment and remains a fundamental focus. The company is continually innovating and collaborating with partners, to enhance safety standards and minimise the risks of accidents on site, for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Why is job site safety so critical?

At Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) machines are designed with optimal safety features, however, ensuring safety on site hinges on both machine technology and operator conduct.

Safety at any construction site is critical for several reasons. Firstly, it ensures the protection of workers, visitors, and bystanders, reducing the risk of accidents and potential fatalities. Secondly, it helps prevent long-term health issues caused by exposure to hazards such as heavy machinery, heights, and chemicals.

Additionally, prioritising safety minimises financial losses associated with medical expenses, legal fees, and project delays. At the same time, a safe working environment enhances productivity by allowing workers to focus on their tasks without distraction or anxiety. Ultimately, a solid safety record boosts the reputation of Volvo CE as well as our customers, leading to increased trust and opportunities for future projects.

Here are some key recommendations for ensuring safety while using construction equipment.

1. Perform routine maintenance checks daily.

Before commencing each work shift, operators should conduct a thorough inspection of their machinery. This includes visually assessing for any signs of damage or leaks, confirming the integrity of pins and bushings, and ensuring proper greasing of pins. Additionally, operators must verify the functionality and adjustment of lights, windscreen wipers, visibility aids, warning decals, and other safety features. Lastly, it is essential to clear any dirt or debris from the cab to eliminate potential hazards.

2. Ensure workers maintain three points of contact while entering and exiting the cab.

Among the construction industry's most prevalent hazards are slip and fall accidents. Volvo CE addresses this concern by engineering machines with resilient anti-slip steps and handrails. Nonetheless, operators must remain proactive by clearing away any mud, ice, or oil residues. Furthermore, adhering to the three-point contact rule during cab entry and exit is essential. That means maintaining three points of contact for optimal stability, such as two feet and one hand or two hands and one foot.

3. Take advantage of the on-board weighing features to ensure loads stay within permissible limits.

On-board weighing systems like Volvo Load Assist for wheel loaders and onboard weighing for articulated haulers play a crucial role in both safety and productivity. They serve to safeguard against inadvertent machine overloading, a scenario that not only compromises stability but also risks causing damage.

4. Keep an eye on telematics data for any safety concerns.

When machines are connected to Volvo CareTrack, owners and fleet managers receive comprehensive data on their equipment's field activities, including its safety status. Instances of frequent high-speed operations, for instance, may suggest erratic operation and prompt the need for additional operator training.

5. Understand the safety features of the machine.

With safety features differing across machines, operators must consistently consult the Operator’s Manual and undergo relevant training to fully understand the available features and their pivotal role in avoiding accidents. Such awareness enables operators to maximise the use of features for enhanced safety.

Gerard Lim, Head of Uptime and Parts, Volvo Construction Equipment, Region Asia said:

“Prioritising safety in construction site operations is paramount for Volvo CE and the industry. Our commitment to safety extends beyond merely designing machines with optimal safety features; it involves fostering a culture of responsibility and continuous improvement. By collaborating with partners and stakeholders, we strive to enhance safety standards and mitigate accident risks, ensuring the well-being of workers, visitors, and the wider community.”

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