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100% Dealer Involvement at ITU Connected Data Utilization Workshop

13 March 2024 Volvo CE Region Asia conducted a Connected Data Utilization Workshop with ITU in Jakarta to explore ways to utilize connected data within the dealership.

The focus was on how various dealer functions can potentially use connected data such as hour meter readings, machine location, fuel consumption, operating behaviour, and technical alarms to drive revenue, profit, and increase operational efficiency.

The Connected Data Utilization Workshop saw cross-functional collaboration and willingness between ITU’s Machine Sales Team, Aftermarket Team, and Telematics Team to proactively engage customer and generate sales leads using connected data.

The workshop also generated digitalization strategy and action plans between Volvo and ITU to have 80-90% of their GPE population connected by 2030. “Telematics data is crucial to dealer business as added value offering to our customers and provide differentiation from the competition” Tjong Bie, CEO of PT Indotruck Utama.