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This hard-hitting video highlights why Volvo CE is driving the change towards more sustainable equipment

As a world-leading equipment manufacturer and sustainable solution provider, Volvo Group has a responsibility to reduce its carbon footprint. A major part is developing products and solutions that reduce CO₂ emissions. At Volvo CE, we believe that the choices we make today will define the world we live in tomorrow. And we choose to act. Our goal is to achieve net-zero value chain greenhouse gas emissions by 2040, with significant emission reductions as early as 2030.

In the Dear Jackie film, Volvo Group visualizes its ambitions on the journey to net-zero emissions. The video shows how Volvo’s transformation will impact the world around us and aligns that with the point of view of a young girl, Jackie, who is growing up over the same time. It’s a powerful way to show how the work Volvo Group and Volvo CE are doing will help create a better world.