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Large-scale Japanese Solar Plant selects Volvo CE machines

In Japan, Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) delivered an EC750EL excavator to help build a major renewable energy project in Fukushima, Japan. It is the largest Volvo excavator ever delivered in the country and is paired with an A45G articulated hauler to shape the project's groundwork.

(5th from left) Tomas Kuta, President Region Asia & Region Asia Representative, Volvo CE; Peter Lee, EPR Chairman; Ito, the main contractor of this project; Sugiuchi of EPS; (from far left) Nguyen of EPS and Mr. Raymond, Managing Director of EPR, with others.

Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) has marked a major milestone in Japan, delivering its largest excavator ever sold in the country. The EC750EL belongs to rental company EPR, which received an A45G articulated hauler simultaneously. The company uses both machines to keep groundworks on schedule at a huge renewable energy site in Fukushima City, Fukushima prefecture.

Shoji Isamu, Head of Market Japan, said:

“This is a significant project for Volvo CE in Japan for many reasons. In addition to using our largest Volvo excavator in Japan, EPR is pairing it with an A45G articulated hauler for optimum performance. Volvo CE articulated haulers have a solid reputation in Japan, but there is less understanding of the benefits to contractors of using them with Volvo excavators. The productivity of both machines has been excellent so far, and we believe other companies will take note.”

There are around 60 machines at the job site, including 10 from Volvo CE. The terrain is steep, slippery, and mountainous, but it’s no problem for the industry-leading mobility of Volvo’s articulated haulers. EPR has supplied all the machines at the job to its sister company EPS, the main contractor.

The EC750EL loading an A40G at the job site.

EPR has run a fleet of Volvo articulated haulers for many years. Its first investments were A25E and A40E units, and it subsequently progressed to A25F and A40F models, purchasing large numbers of both. Its positive experiences and latest purchase of an A45G prompted the company to look at Volvo excavators too.

This project covers 345 ha, of which almost 60 ha requires earthworks. The mega-solar power development will eventually have an output of around 40 MW. Construction began in 2022 and will last almost five years. Over 130,000 solar panels of 450 W capacity are planned for installation.

Volvo CE’s involvement in the project aligns with its Science-Based-Targets (SBT) initiative. Since 2013, Japan has accelerated its investment in solar power, and the country’s focus on greater sustainability has seen an estimated 572 companies sign up for the SBTi program.

Shoji Isamu, Head of Market Japan, said:

“Volvo Construction Equipment’s advanced machinery has the technology and power to bring projects like these to life. We believe there will be opportunities to participate in similar initiatives in the future.”