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Empowering women in our industry: A conversation with Catherine Soo

“Volvo CE is a company which provides many exciting challenges for women that are highly rewarding. This is why I choose Volvo CE.” These are the words of Catherine Soo, Pricing Manager for Volvo CE Asia, who explains here how the right work environment helps to deliver professional growth and success – and why she thinks more women should pursue roles in engineering.

Catherine and her colleagues collaborate during a training day for rigid haulers

In 1998, Catherine decided to pursue a career in engineering, and made her dream reality when she joined Volvo CE in 2008. Now with 15 years’ experience at the company, Catherine says one of the major benefits of working here is the way Volvo CE provides a framework and the support required to drive a more gender-equal workforce.

Today, she continues to take advantage of the many exciting opportunities for women in the company and firmly believes that working in an inclusive environment is crucial to driving future-focused innovation and excellence in the construction industry. “Having the confidence of our leadership team and being empowered to excel in my role keeps me striving for high levels of excellence,” she says. Throughout her time working at Volvo CE, Catherine has witnessed first-hand the company’s dedication to advancing gender inclusivity, as she actively contributes towards the company’s objective of achieving 35% female leaders and employees by 2023.

Catherine also believes her success is down to Volvo CE’s healthy work-life balance, which gives her the freedom to pursue her passions outside of work. Each day starts with walking her dog and includes spending time with her husband and two children, who like to explore eateries, play badminton, and enjoy video games together. “Volvo CE encourages me to have a rich life outside of the job, and this has allowed me to bring my best self into the office every day. It’s so important to have that balance.”

Catherine enjoying some quality time with her husband and two children

“My advice to other women is to believe in your abilities and have confidence in your strengths. Volvo CE offers the structure you need to advance your career, helping to position you for success. So, seize every opportunity for personal growth and leadership development. With hard work and commitment, you can achieve great things and shape the future of the engineering and construction industry.”


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