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June 20th we will launch a new learning experience platform

Veida, as the first part of a new modern learning eco system for our retail network in region Asia, China and India. Regions Europe and International were first out and the other regions have followed close after.

The Volvo CE Competence Development and Delivery (CDD) team is now reaching a milestone on a long journey towards a new Learning Eco system for our retail network. The journey started 2019 with a review of the current Learning Management System – Volvo CE Learning Center and identification of possible replacement. The project scope has been to build a modern learning eco system supporting the new learning strategy.

“The goal with the new platform is to increase the end user experience and cater for various learning styles, for example: On demand, social learning, mobile training, and spaced learning”, says Johan Pantzare Product owner. He continued, “there’s also a clear focus on making Instructor Led Training as effective as possible where certain parts can be digital instead of classroom based”.

Extensive selection process

At the start of the project, external expertise was consulted to help navigate the vast landscape of Learning solutions. In workshops and interviews with various stakeholders, the project captured needs and requirements that were used to create a Request For Information (RFI). Seven systems were singled out for demonstration, and of which four were chosen for further evaluation and testing - Valamis, Do, SAP Litmos, and Cornerstone OnDemand (Navigator). All the testing was done with the learner in focus, involving all regions and a few dealers, to meet Competence developments long term strategy and goals.

After the extensive testing and evaluation, we found that the platform that would give the most value for our business was Valamis Learning Experience Platform. With the learners need in focus, a high amount of digital delivery and support regional adaptation Valamis Learning Experience Platform fully meets our wanted position. The learning platform will now be rolled out to our dealers with the name Veida. Veida is a girl's name and means knowledge and wisdom in Sanskrit which makes it a perfect match for the new platform.

The project team with participants from CDD, Volvo IT and Valamis has been working in an agile way using the SCRUM method. The work has included both platform setup and migrations of users and content from previous system.

In December we performed a successful pilot with our Polish dealer, Volvo Maszyny Budowlane Polska Sp z o o. A lot of line work has been done to integrate a new way of working with competence development and training delivery connected to the rollout.

“It was a great pleasure to be part of such an important project as the implementation of the new Learning Experience Platform. We are fully convinced that the very flexible and intuitive learning method offered by VEIDA, is what our employees expect and are looking for. We want to empower them through the learning process and it will be possible with the innovation of the VEIDA platform.”

Justyna Galerczyk, Technical Training Coordinator

Take a tour in Veida!

Watch this short video to familiarize yourself with the new platform.

(welcome to Veida video)

Please do not hesitate to connect with us in the Competence Development Team to find out more.


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