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Boost your production and cut your cost per tonne with the new Volvo EC550E excavator

Volvo Construction Equipment is pushing boundaries with its latest Asian launch. The new Volvo EC550E T3 excavator breaks the link between operating weight and productivity, offering tonnes per hour production close to a 70 t class machine but with lower fuel consumption.

Achieve 35% greater production

Thanks to its buckets and fast cycle times, the EC550E delivers 35% greater production than the 50 t class EC480D in typical dig and dump applications. In fact, its production levels approach those of a 70 t class machine.

The larger bucket is enabled through the increased undercarriage dimensions (for greater stability), as well as upgrades to the frame, boom and arm. The fast cycle times, meanwhile, result from the engine’s high torque at a remarkably low rpm combined with the large displacement pumps.

The EC550E excavator’s dimensions, lifting capacity and engine are well in line with some competitor 70 t models, but it consumes considerably less fuel.

Benefit from 22% higher efficiency

Besides the efficient engine and electrohydraulic joystick commands, the EC550E has the industry’s most high-performing hydraulics.

The EC550E is the first excavator to use Volvo’s pioneering independent metering valve technology (IMVT). Instead of a conventional spool-type main control valve (MCV), the EC550E uses dedicated valves – for feed and return for each actuator.

Oil is pumped exactly according to demand at any given moment to eliminate hydraulic losses and deliver an extreme level of fuel efficiency with astonishing controllability.

Match your A35G or A40G hauler perfectly

Matching the size and capacity of your loading machine to your hauler also impacts productivity and efficiency.

The EC550E can fill an A35G or A40G hauler with four to six buckets meaning that Volvo now offers two perfect match excavators for A35G or A40G haulers in Asia – the EC750D and the EC550E according to your productivity and efficiency needs.

Unlock the full potential with Volvo Services

Using Volvo Site Simulation, your local dealer can recommend the best fleet and site set-up to maximize productivity and efficiency. Meanwhile, Fuel Efficiency Reports and operator training. can help reduce fuel expenditure further.

With the right machines and services, Volvo can help you achieve the highest tonne per hour production at the lowest cost per tonne.