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Volvo machines a prime ‘mover’ in Indonesian dairy farm construction

An EW145B Prime wheeled excavator and SD110 soil compactor from Volvo Construction Equipment are proving their productivity, efficiency, and reliability in the expansion of a dairy farm in Berastagi, North Sumatra.

Pictures EW145B Prime Ultra Sumatera Dairy Farm

PT Ultrajaya Milk Industry is Indonesia’s largest producer of boxed milk and beverages. Founded in 1971, the company has invested continually in UHT and aseptic packaging technology, which has helped Ultra Milk become a household name in southeast Asia. But PT Ultrajaya Milk Industry’s ambitions don’t stop there.

To further increase its production, PT Ultajaya Milk Industry is expanding its cattle ranch and feed farm in Berastagi, North Sumatra. Previously covering 73 hectares, PT Ultra Sumatera Dairy Farm is adding an additional 83 hectares of land to the farm so that it will eventually accommodate 6,000 Australian Holstein cows.

Hired muscle

In October 2018, construction began on the site. In May 2019, a Volvo EW145B Prime wheeled excavator and SD110 were drafted in from a local equipment rental company to assist with the earthwork. The machines operate eight hours a day and show no signs of slowing down.

“These are really reliable and durable machines. We’ve been working them hard for over a year now and they are still in top condition,” says Ms. Dinda, spokesperson for PT Ultra Sumatera Dairy Farm.

The 12.8-15 t EW145B Prime excavator has a strengthened undercarriage frame, reinforced boom and arm, and long wear components to withstand tough shifts. Similarly, the 11 t class SD110 soil compactor has been designed the achieve the same high quality performance pass after pass.

Exceptionally efficient

Ms. Dinda has also been impressed by the machines’ performance and fuel efficiency.

“The engines are powerful but have low fuel consumption, which is important for us as we try to keep costs down on the project,” he says.

Both machines feature a Volvo Tier 3/Stage III-compliant engine that delivers powerful performance along with dependability and environmental emission compliance. The Volvo D6E E1E3 engine on the EW145B Prime excavator even includes an automatic idling system for ultra-efficient fuel consumption.

Feels like home

Finally, all the operators on the PT Ultra Sumatera Dairy Farm expansion project agree that the Volvo EW145B Prime and SD110 are easy to use.

The EW145B Prime excavator has the multi-task credentials of a tool carrier and the pedigree of a thoroughbred digging machine. It is multi-functional, highly mobile, well-balanced and comfortable. The excellent all-round visibility, adjustable steering column and ergonomic controls, high-capacity climate control system, and vibration dampening lead to all-day operator comfort and productivity. Meanwhile, the anti-slip steps and platforms, simplified ground level accessibility and centralized lubrication points make regular maintenance a piece of cake.

Primed for productivity

“Our operators particularly like the acceleration and compaction abilities of the SD110. They are very good for a vibratory roller,” Ms. Dinda says.

The weight of the SD100 is balanced at the drum and at the tires, leading to enhanced traction, fewer passes, reduced voids and maximum compaction. In addition, the articulation joint provides a +/- 17 degree oscillation angle and frame articulation of +/- 40 degree, for greater stability and maneuverability.

Operators can select high or low drum amplitude from the control panel, providing a choice according to application or material depth. It’s also easy for the operator to vary the frequency from the control panel in line with different soil types and conditions.

“Overall, we have been very impressed by the Volvo machines. They reliably deliver high productivity and efficiency day after day,” Ms. Dinda concludes.

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