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4 ways Volvo Services can save construction companies money

The true value of heavy construction equipment cannot be gauged by initial purchase price alone. Services can help owners of excavators, wheel loaders, or haulers get more out of their machine for optimum productivity and profitability.

As a premium manufacturer of heavy construction equipment, Volvo CE deliberately designs its excavators, wheel loaders, and haulers with innovative features to ensure they are as productive and efficient as possible. OptiShift technology on Volvo wheel loaders and integrated work modes on Volvo crawler excavators or wheeled excavators are two prime examples of this innovation in construction equipment.

But did you know that one of the best ways to save money on your long-term owning costs and operating costs is to use services? Below are just four ways heavy equipment services have the potential to cut costs and increase profitability.

1. Telematics and insurance premiums

Telematics systems on construction machinery can be used for so much more than for avoiding unplanned downtime or boosting operator skill. Insurance companies across the world are increasingly using telematics data to help understand the cause of accidents, check construction equipment is being operated safely, and even find stolen machines. Have a discussion with your insurance provider to see if the Volvo telematics system CareTrack or remote monitoring and preventative maintenance service ActiveCare by Volvo could help decrease monthly insurance costs for your construction machinery.

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2. Extended engine oil intervals

Volvo CE helps construction companies reduce maintenance costs on their capital equipment by up to 50% thanks to increased engine drain intervals. Lengthening the time between engine drains saves on labor and materials and boosts machine uptime, helping to get more done. Volvo CE has achieved 1,000 hour engine drain interviews through a combination of new high-performance engine filters and advancements in lubrication technology. The new VDS 4.5 15W-40 and 10W-30 lubricants have been formulated to better suspend contaminates, maintain viscosity, and resist sludge formation throughout the full 1,000 hour engine drain interval.

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3. Volvo Co-Pilot and Assist apps

Even the most highly skilled operators can benefit from using a machine control system powered by Volvo Co-Pilot such as Dig Assist for wheeled or crawler excavators, Load Assist for wheel loaders, or Haul Assist for articulated haulers. On-Board Weighing, for example, ensures operators are maximizing hauler body fill but without overloading which can cause excessive wear or damage to machines. The Map app, meanwhile, monitors the location of heavy equipment, vehicles, and staff in real time to boost site safety, ease navigation, and avoid traffic congestion. New apps are constantly being added to the machine control systems to help operators improve performance and profitability.

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4. Financing bundles through Volvo Financial Services

Construction equipment financing bundles from Volvo Financial Services (VFS) can be a great way to save money when buying a piece of new of used construction equipment. According to need, VFS offers tailored packages to help construction companies get a more well-rounded financing structure with benefits.

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The total cost of ownership and operation (TCO) is vital to consider when buying new or used construction equipment. Every construction company should consider the savings inherent in the design as well as the value that construction equipment services offer to maximize the value of owning and operating a piece of heavy equipment.