Features & Benefits - ABG6870 : V-Performance Mongolia
Volvo ABG6870 ABG wheeled - Features & benefits

ABG6870 – Unsurpassed paving from the technology leader

Volvo ABG6870 wheeled pavers stand out from the competition, thanks to their high tractive power, maneuverability, high speed, and flexible paving widths up to 9,0 m (29.5 ft).

  • High-performance, COM III-certified diesel engine combines power - 122 kW (166 hp) - with quiet operation and low fuel consumption, even at maximum paving width and under the heaviest loads.

  • Smart Drive technology offers anti-slip control with load-dependent torque control, a rear-wheel electronic differential system, and hydraulic leveling of the front wheels for unparalleled traction, even on the most difficult bases.

  • Electronic paver management (EPM) system offers intuitive operation, optimum overview and control of all paving processes, and data storage for later analysis.

  • Auto-leveling of the front wheel drive keeps the screed perfectly positioned during operation, ensuring even paving results every time.
  • Optimized material flow via large-capacity 12 000 kg (13.2 sh tn) hopper with folding side wings and (optional) front wing and apron plate assembly.

  • Foldable screed walkway is easily raised, permitting paving directly in front of walls while saving time.

  • Road surface scrapers are easily raised and lowered to clear debris for a clean, smooth surface.

  • Active steering feature delivers smallest inside turning radius - 2,5 m (8.2 ft) - on pavers in this class, eliminating complicated maneuvering.

  • Three push-button operating modes provide greater flexibility and the best conditions for every situation.

  • Additional leveling scales on tow points enable screed operators to know if tow arms need to be adjusted.