Features & Benefits - ABG6820 : V-Performance Mongolia
Volvo ABG6820 tracked paver on road construction site

Volvo ABG6820 tracked asphalt paver – Exemplary ease of operation and excellent all-round vision.

With ample reserve power, a robust design, paving efficiency, and ease of operation, the Volvo ABG6820 tracked asphalt paver is ideal for medium- and large-scale paving projects.

Top-features of the ABG6820 tracked asphalt paver include:

  • High-performance, COM III/Tier III-certified diesel engine combines power with quiet operation and low fuel consumption.


  • Smart power, a selectable operating mode that reduces fuel consumption up to 15%.


  • Electronic paver management (EPM) system offers intuitive operation, optimum overview and control of all paving processes, and data storage for later analyzing.


  • Electronically controlled, independent travel drive ensures uniform propulsion, accurate straight-ahead travel, exact cornering, and soft starts.
  • Spacious and conveniently designed operator station provides comfort and 360-degree view of material flow and work zone.


  • Settings Manager increases productivity by selecting pre-programmed operating functions to match the paving requirements.


  • Service Interval Manager improves reliability by alerting the operator to machine servicing requirements.


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