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Using ActiveCare Direct

Three goals to set for your business

Are you using telematics beyond scheduling service intervals? Many business owners find it challenging to find the time and resources to use telematics beyond its basic functionality. With ActiveCare DirectTM, the 24/7/365 telematics monitoring service offered directly from Volvo, you can add an entire team of experts to your fleet from the Volvo Uptime Center and your dealership. With the additional support and the monthly fleet utilization reports you receive, it is easy to use telematics to its full potential, setting goals and business decisions that will keep your business more profitable in the long run. Here are three goals you can set using ActiveCare Direct:

1) Improve average work percentages across the entire fleet. Your dealer can help you understand what appropriate idle times may be based on the types of jobs you do (as they can differ significantly by jobsite). Your dealer can also help you understand just how much of an impact idle times can have on profitability, including fuel consumption and resale value. Learn more about the financial impact of reduced idle times here.

2) Lower average gallons of fuel per hour. You may think that high fuel cost is just the name of the game. However, it is possible to lower average gallons per hour. Using monthly fleet utilization reports from ActiveCare Direct, your dealer can work with you to understand all the ways you can reduce fuel consumption and set a realistic goal for your jobs. For instance, did you know that using the proper excavator work mode for the task at hand can conserve up to 50 percent in fuel? Numbers like that can add up to a big difference in your profit margins.

3) Reduce repairs caused by machine misuse. Your machines are one of the costliest investments you will make for your business, so you want to protect them. Not only that, but machine downtime is costly (in both job progress and machine repairs). Reducing instances of machine misuse is one of the easiest ways to protect your machines. Through monthly fleet utilization reports and model statistics provided by ActiveCare Direct, you will be able to see instances of machine misuse. You can then work with your dealer to understand the cost implications and develop a plan to train your operators to reduce instances of machine misuse.

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