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CareTrack is the Volvo Construction Equipment telematics system that gives you access to a wide range of machine monitoring information designed to save you time and money.

CareTrack generates a wide range of reports – including fuel consumption, operational hours and geographical location – via a web portal, as well as sending SMS/email alerts.

Fleet managers can use CareTrack to proactively manage their wear parts and their service maintenance.  The benefits include a reduction in fuel costs, optimized machine and operator performance, and increased uptime.

Stay connected to your machines via remote monitoring and experience new levels of control and efficiency with CareTrack.

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Already a proud CareTrack user? Just log in to your secure, password-protected web site. You’ll gain access to both an overview and detailed information about your machines.

CareTrack features and advantages are yours: reduce day-to-day costs, increase your uptime and productivity, optimize your fleet, increase safety and gain total control of service planning.
Want to become a CareTrack user? Contact your Volvo dealer for assistance or to get started today.

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top features of CareTrack

Save money

Operation reports allow you to monitor idle time – information that gives you the power to reduce fuel consumption, non-productive machine hours and service costs.

Save time

Increase uptime by planning service and maintenance requirements in advance, avoiding potential problems. Dealers can even troubleshoot faults remotely – minimizing your down time.

Infinite Opportunities

From fuel consumption data to location and machine usage reports, CareTrack gives you access to a wealth of information – allowing you to get the most out of your machine.

The Right Features for your Business

The right features for your business

CareTrack is divided into eight packages, each offering specific features designed to enhance your business.

  • CareTrack standard
    Manage machine service plans and wear parts via the web portal and access machine hours and location.
  • Tracking and status
    Includes geo and time fencing as well as access to fuel level, machine location and machine hours.
  • Operation
    Machine specific reports contain key information including fuel consumption, machine utilization and excessive idle.
  • Service management
    Receive email or SMS notification when a machine service alarm is activated and when the service date is approaching.
  • Production
    Volvo articulated haulers with On Board Weighing technology show the machine’s true productivity in tons/liter.
  • Anti-theft
    Volvo crawler excavators can be fitted with an anti-theft active tracking system to reduce the risk of machine theft.
  • Communication
    Satellite communication in areas where no/weak cell phone connection is available.
  • API
    Enables CareTrack data to be provided into your own management system.

 Availability of the packages mentioned above may vary from one country to another. Your Volvo dealer will be happy to provide you with more detailed information.

CareTrack Fuel Savings Testimonial

Sun Recycling, working out of twelve acres in West Palm Beach, owns about 50 pieces of Volvo equipment - from EC300 and EC250 excavators, to a team of L120G loaders, and an L220G - each logging about two thousand hours a year. With all that equipment, fuel efficiency and reliability is crucial, which is why Sun Recycling uses Volvo's CareTrack system to monitor operating habits and fuel consumption.

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