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Compact Wheel LoadersL30

  • 1.3 yd³
  • 12,125 lbs
  • 74 hp

Leading the way with an outstanding operator experience, the L30 compact wheel loader delivers all the power you can expect from machines of a much... Read more

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A compact loader with big potential

Leading the way with an outstanding operator experience, the L30 compact wheel loader delivers all the power you can expect from machines of a much larger size. Exceptional tractive, breakout and lifting forces, best-in-class visibility, intuitive controls and a range of uptime-boosting features all combine to set the standard for construction efficiency with a low total cost of ownership.


Here are the key specifications for this product model. Want more details? Download the brochure or contact us.

Engine D3.3H
Engine gross power 74 hp
Bucket capacity 1.3 yd³
Tipping load (ISO/DIS 14397-1) 8,488 lbs full turn 40 degree
Breakout force 13,713 lbf
Hydraulic lifting capacity, max 12,814 lbf
Fork payload 80% 5,291 lbs
Operating weight 12,125 lbs
Maximum travel speed - Standard 12 mph
Maximum travel speed - High speed 19 mph

Based on L30H with cabin, 365/80 R20 tires and 1.1 m³ / 1.44 yd³ General purpose bucket.

Image illustration only. Production machines may differ in appearance and features vary between markets and models.

Unique portal axles design

Unique portal axles design

What allows the L30 to excel on rough terrains? It starts with high ground clearance, the best in its class, that results from Volvo’s unique portal axles design.
Exclusive electro-hydraulic main control valve

Exclusive electro-hydraulic main control valve

What makes the L30 so smooth to operate? The first reason is the enhanced flow sharing among hydraulic functions, enabling to simultaneously lift the boom and operate the hydraulic attachment with no compromise to the movement of operation.
Most comfortable cab

Most comfortable cab

Why does the cab environment stand out? It offers best-in-class visibility, ergonomic controls and unique options, such as the automatic lift and tilt with boundary limits.
Small package, big power

Small package, big power

How about performance? The L30 may be small in stature but it has the tractive, breakout and lifting forces that you would more commonly expect to find on larger loaders.
Keep it moving

Keep it moving

What about uptime? With long service intervals, superior serviceability and connectivity – plus the ability to check machine conditions from the comfort of the cab, the L30 reduces maintenance time and costs.
Better, faster, easier

Better, faster, easier

Meet the enhanced Volvo L30 and L35 compact wheel loaders.

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