lifting capacity
Productivity Testing: Lifting Capacity

Volvo has 12.5% greater reach and 109% greater lifting speed

THE TESTS: Lifting with a 20,500-pound weight on the end of the arm and traveling with over 10 tons of weight in the bucket

Volvo EC350E and EC380E excavators were placed against comparable models from
two industry-leading competitors to test how far the boom could extend while lifting a
20,500-pound weight. Each machine was also tested to see how high the bucket could
be lifted while traveling a distance of 20 feet with over 10 tons of weight in the bucket.
The results show which machines can continue working without readjusting position,
as well as which machines provide faster cycle times when travel is necessary.

The Result

Volvo has up to 12.5% greater reach during lifting
and is able to lift up to 109% faster while traveling

lifting capacity chart
lifting capacity testing
lifting capacity testing