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Operators Love Their Volvos

You could search the web to find different features to piece together your dream excavator — or you could just run a Volvo.
The comfort and productivity features we integrate into every machine are the result of decades of operator feedback.

These 8 features make running a Volvo excavator truly unique.

1. Work Modes

With Volvo excavators, engine RPM and work mode are integrated into one dial, which simplifies operation and ensures maximum power with minimal fuel burn. Competitors typically have two sets of dials for engine RPM and work modes, allowing the operator to potentially burn more fuel than is necessary for the task.

2. Volvo Active Control

Automated boom and bucket movements make the digging process more efficient and more accurate with less effort. Operators simply set the grade, push the button and get the work done — all controlled using a single lever.

3. Shortcut Buttons

With Volvo, functions such as wipers, cameras and auto-mute can be assigned a shortcut button on the joystick, allowing the operator to have control over multiple functions without removing their hands from the joystick or their eyes from the job. Most competitors don’t offer shortcut functionality.

4. Delayed Engine Shutdown

This Volvo feature helps avoid costly hot turbo shutdowns. If a machine is turned off without proper idle time, the excavator will automatically run for a couple minutes before shutting down, allowing operators to simply turn the key and walk away.

5. Dig Assist / On-Board Weighing

Powered by the Volvo Co-Pilot in-cab display and incorporating sensors and the latest GPS technology, Dig Assist delivers incredible excavation accuracy in a fraction of the time that conventional methods require. An On-Board Weighing option provides real-time insights into the bucket’s load for optimal loading.

6. Bluetooth and Audio

Bluetooth functionality in Volvo excavators allows for hands-free communication. A remote keypad is also conveniently located on the right console. Many competitors don’t offer Bluetooth functionality, and the location of the radio isn’t always convenient.

7. HEPA Cabin Air Filter

A cleaner cab environment is a more enjoyable one. Volvo cabs feature a HEPA cabin air filter to dramatically reduce dust, exhaust and other contaminants from jobsites so operators can breathe easy.

8. Deluxe Seat

Our deluxe seat features adjustable height, tilt, recline, forward-back settings, a retractable seat belt and selectable horizontal suspension for reduced whole-body vibration.

Running A Volvo is Unlike any Other.

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