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the Volvo Excavator Approach

Learn about Volvo's legacy, philosophy, innovation and vision towards our excavator products.

The Volvo approach

Our legacy

At Volvo Construction Equipment, our expertise is founded on more than 75 years of excavator-specific engineering experience, which can be traced back to 1939 — the year Akerman introduced one of the world’s first cable excavators.

A series of milestones followed, most notably the introduction of a hydraulic excavator in 1962. In 1991, the Akerman company became part of the VME group, and by 1997, Volvo Construction Equipment produced its first line of excavators founded upon decades of innovation from Akerman engineering.

The engineering milestones didn’t stop there.

Today's philosophy

Today, our latest E-Series excavators are purpose-built to achieve one primary goal for our customers — profitability. And we do that through designing the safest, most fuel-efficient and productive excavators on the market at the lowest total cost of ownership. There’s a reason why we offer our Fuel Efficiency Guarantee and a Lifetime Boom, Arm and Frame Warranty — it’s because we’re 100 percent confident that our design innovations will deliver on our promise of profitability for our customers. From the way our engines and hydraulic systems are designed to achieve high torque at low rpm, to the way we design our human machine interface — each engineering decision is built on our customers’ profitability.

Our Vision

We challenge our engineers to think not only about how to improve the way our customers will work in the next five years — but in the next 50. We are focused on bold, game-changing solutions and developing realistic roadmaps for bringing them to our customers. When we dream — we dream big. Check out one of our many future concept machines — the SfinX excavator.

Volvo SFINX - Volvo's futuristic Excavator concept machine

Presentation of the SFINX, possible Volvo evolution of the construction equipment (here an excavator) in the years to come. Find out more: