Excavator Tips: Maximize Fuel Efficiency

Volvo excavators have class-leading fuel efficiency, but even that fuel efficiency can be further improved by following these operating tips.

  • Familiarize yourself with the fuel efficient controls of the machine, like Volvo work modes. With a traditional twist throttle, you may have a tendency to select the highest setting available, when you could get the necessary lift capacity at lower rpms, using less fuel, with Volvo work modes.
  • Follow recommended maintenance intervals and lubrication charts outlined in the manual and on machine decals. A few key reminders:
  1. Try to grease daily — keeping the machine greased creates less friction, and those smoother movements require less power and fuel.
  2. Do your best to clear dirt and debris on the machine every 50 hours.
  3. Visually inspect the cab air filter every 10 hours.
  • Use the auto-idle function — the machine will automatically idle down if you haven’t moved the joystick in four seconds, saving fuel and helping extend engine life.
  •  When you set up your job, look for ways to minimize machine movement — from excavator to hauler, excavator to trench, etc.
  • Work with your eet manager or supervisor to review machine utilization reports. Operators can decrease fuel use by 50% with the right information in hand. Having those reports will help you make fuel ef cient decisions in the cab.

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