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Volvo CE and partners announce new mobile charging solutions for electric equipment

Volvo Construction Equipment, Volvo Penta and two leading manufacturers of charging solutions launched two new products in the North American market this week at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo in Las Vegas.

Volvo PU750 mobile charging unit for electric machines.
The PU750 is one of two new mobile charging units to be offered by Volvo CE for charging battery-electric machines.

Volvo Construction Equipment, Volvo Penta and two leading manufacturers of charging solutions launched two new products in the North American market this week at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo in Las Vegas.

At a press event on Monday, Volvo CE unveiled two Volvo-branded mobile charging units called the PU750 and the PU130, marking the latest collaboration of industry pioneers. The PU750 is ideal for fast-charging larger equipment onsite without needing a converter, while the PU130 is a portable Level 2 charger for compact machines.

“We all have a common goal to revolutionize the landscape of sustainable technology within the heavy equipment sector,” said Dr. Ray Gallant, Vice President — Sustainability and Productivity Services at Volvo CE. “Collaborating on these products allows us to make significant steps forward in the adoptability of electric machines.”

The PU750

Developed and built by Utility Innovation Group (UIG) in close cooperation with Volvo CE and Volvo Penta, the PU750 leverages the Volvo Group CAST (Common Architecture, Shared Technology) strategy. The partnership applies Volvo Penta’s leading battery sub-system to support charging around the world and allows mid-size electric machines to charge on a variety of jobsites thanks to its adaptability to multiple infrastructure setups and easy transport.

“It’s not always clear what power availability you will have for charging on a jobsite, but this solution has been strategically developed to put our microgrid integration and GridSureTM expertise to work in order to dynamically adapt to all utility and on-site generation conditions,” said Derek Tugwell, President of UIG. “We’re really excited about how this solution will drive adoption of electrified off-road equipment and help drive decarbonization.”

The first-generation PU750 has enough energy to support three to four mid-size machines like the Volvo EC230 Electric excavator through twin CCS1 connections before the 792 kWh Volvo-based batteries need to be recharged. When used with the grid interactive UIG power system, the PU750 can seamlessly maximize available AC power and integrate on-site distributed energy assets to enable vehicle charging operations. Multiple assets can be tracked, managed and visualized within the GridSure platform, making vehicle and charging power management clear. The PU750 also integrates solar panels to aid in controls and auxiliary system support when it is away from the grid, and its rugged design makes it a solid choice for tough environments.

“We teamed up with UIG last year because of their expertise in integrating multiple assets to maximize on- and off-grid charging possibilities,” said Darren Tasker, Vice President Industrial, Volvo Penta North America. “Weaving our Volvo CE teammates into the partnership was always the plan, and it’s exciting to see what has come of this relationship so quickly.”

Volvo PU130 mobile charging unit for electric machines.

The PU130

Based on Portable Electric’s proprietary 48-volt direct current fast charging (DCFC) technology, the PU130 provides the ability to charge equipment in less than an hour with 130 kWh of energy storage capacity and a 20 kW charge rate. In addition to charging equipment, the PU130 can simultaneously provide 40 kW of site power.

"We are incredibly proud to partner with Volvo CE in bringing the PU130 to market,” said Keith Marett, CEO of Portable Electric. “This first-of-its-kind unit is a testament to our shared dedication and the importance of collaboration to reduce the use of carbon-intensive fuels at construction sites.”

The PU130 will be available through the North American Volvo dealer network later this year.

Teaming up to move ahead

While these are not Volvo CE’s first — or last — mobile charging unit collaborations, they are further proof of the OEM’s commitment to providing the best solutions possible to make carbon reduction in the construction industry a reality.

“Battery electric equipment is not feasible for every jobsite or application, but its use cases continue to grow,” said Gallant. “As long as owners and operators are making an effort to reduce emissions in whatever way they can, that is forward progress.”

Gallant also shared pilot test results at the event, demonstrating the initial success and ongoing learning around the electrification of larger machines.

Learn more about charging electric construction equipment on the charging solutions for every jobsite page on our website.

Volvo PU750 Quick Specs
  • DC fast vehicle charging: 500 kW
  • Storage capacity: 793 kWh
  • AC recharging: 480 kW
  • AC voltage support: 400V – 38kV
  • AC frequency: 50 – 60 Hz
  • CCS1 or CCS2 charging connectors
  • GridSureTM microgrid control, management and data enablement
Volvo PU130 Quick Specs
  • AC output: 40 kW
  • Low voltage DC fast charging: 20 kW
  • Storage capacity: 130 kWh
  • Neuron OS enabled wireless monitoring platform for real-time data, analytics and GPS

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