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Rough Road- Expanding into Asphalt Paving in a Tough Economy

In spring 2008, when the housing decline stagnated the construction industry, one contractor saw his glass as half full. Ty Trulove saw an opportunity to expand his excavating business and move into asphalt paving.

Trulove Excavating is a successful site prep and earthmoving company in the Aspen / Glenwood Springs, Colo., area. Trulove has enjoyed steady work over the years; however, the company began to experience a considerable slowdown in work. In March 2008, Ty Trulove made the decision to venture into asphalt paving to offset the loss of excavation and site prep project work.

Trulove was motivated to make the jump into paving when he noticed that the largest asphalt company in the valley area was turning away smaller jobs. Trulove considered the potential for his business and made initial inquiries to see if there would be enough paving work on smaller jobs to justify growing his business. The potential was there, and Trulove started Rocky Mountain Paving.

Once Trulove decided his idea had roots, he went looking for an equipment dealer. Trulove's dealer at the time didn't take the same interest in his new venture, so he looked for a dealer that specialized in asphalt paving in Colorado. Trulove quickly found Faris Machinery and called Eric Poulson.